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Use this form to send us an email with your food and drink order for same day delivery or take out. From Noon until 10 p.m. Miracles offers no charge delivery on orders over e.c.$100 to Jolly Habour, Harbourview, Sugar Ridge, Bolans, and Valley Church down to Tamarind Hills. Orders for less than e.c.$100 have a $10 delivery charge. Please read all the instructions carefully before submitting your order. Takeout orders are usually ready for pickup about 45 minutes from the time you submit your order. Deliveries usually arrive within 55 minutes.

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Use the drop down menus in the entry boxes to select your food and drink menu items for up to eight diners. The prices shown are in e.c. dollars. Optionally, use the Preparation box to tell us how you'd like the meat portion of your main course prepared. If the description of your selected main course includes "with 2 sides" you can use the Side1 and Side2 boxes to select your side dishes at no additional charge. Otherwise, the side dishes can be ordered as extras for e.c.$10 each. Specify Delivery or Takeout. Use the TIME REQUIRED box to either specify ASAP or tell us at what time, between Noon and 10 p.m., you would like your order delivered or to be ready for you to pickup at the restaurant. Then type your personal details into the Name, Email, and Phone boxes. For Delivery orders use the Address box to tell our driver where you want to receive your order. There is also a Special Instructions box in case you need to include a message with your order.

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This form can accept orders for up to eight Diners. Click the NEXT DINER button below the first two orders to add up to six more orders. If you need to place more than eight orders you can submit additional orders after submitting the first set.

Shortly after you submit your order you'll receive an order confirmation email. This email is automatically generated so it might land in your JunkMail folder. Please check there if you don't see it in your Inbox.

Within 10 minutes we'll contact you by phone to confirm your order and the total price including 15% ABST. We'll also let you know at what time your order should be delivered or ready for pickup. If you are paying by credit card we'll also need your credit card number as well as the name on the credit card and the expiry date so please have this information at hand for when we call. There is no service charge on Takeout and Delivery orders. There's an e.c.$10 charge for Delivery orders below e.c.$100.
If you haven't received a confirmation email and a phone call from us within 10 minutes please give us a call at 732-1682.

By submitting this order you accept responsibility for the cost of the order when you confirm the order.